June, 2019

Test your knowledge with the Leading Quiz

PONDEROUS PUZZLE: What connection do these Brisbane lads have with a worldwide smash and a Hollywood sequel?GENERAL KNOWLEDGE1. In which year was Braille invented?
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2. What is the medical name for the kneecap?

3. Which precious metal is sometimes used in injection to treat arthritis?

4. What did Thomas Ewbank invent in 1889?

5. Name the film that was a sequel to “Saturday Night Fever”.

6. What colour hat does Paddington Bear wear?

7. What was the name of the Ewing family ranch in the television series “Dallas”?

8. Name the longest cells in the human body.

9. Do tendons join bones together?

10. What colour were Elizabeth Taylor’s eyes?

11. What is the 23rd letter of the English alphabet?

12. How many men survived the expedition of Burke and Wills?

13. In which year did that expedition set out?

14. In which city did the Flintstones live?

15. What was the name of their dinosaur pet?

SPORT16. Rocky Marciano was unbeatable in which sport?

17. Which bony-sounding sport made a reappearance at the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics?

18. How many pieces of apparatus are recognised for use in rhythmic gymnastics?

19. Name them.

20. Who was the first man to swim the English Channel?

FLORA AND FAUNA21. What do we call male pigeons?

22. Who is fed royal jelly by her workers?

23. Which Australian animal can be Common, Northern Hairy-Nosed or Southern Hairy-Nosed?

24. Canola and mustard are both members of which vegetable family?

25. What creature takes its name from the Aboriginal words for ‘no drink’?

LOCAL KNOWLEDGE26. What was the original name of the village of Henty?

27. In which month does that township host its annual Field Days?

28. The Sacred Heart Catholic Church is found in which Wagga Wagga suburb?

29. The Oasis Aquatic Centre was opened in which year?

30. And what is the current admission price for an adult to that facility?

CURRENT EVENTS31. Name the drug that can kill on contact and is considered a potential chemical weapon that was intercepted at a Brisbane mail centre recently.

32. More than 20 people were hospitalised for drug overdoses at which Melbourne music festival last weekend?

33. Which Wagga Wagga business has won the naming rights to this year’s Wagga Gold Cup?

34. Which V8 Supercar driver recently called off his wedding just days before the ceremony was set to take place?

35. In which city did the assassination of Kim Jong-nam take place last week?

Did you know?In 1923, jockey Frank Hayes won a race despite being dead— he suffered a heart attack, but his body stayed in the saddle until he crossed the line.

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Our Say: Theatre wins ‘absolutely fabulous’ award

And the winner of the fabulous venue choice is …drum roll … yes, Dubbo.
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The Dubbo Regional Theatre and Convention Centre (DRTCC), its staff, the general artists’ community and the city were the stars of the show in hosting the Canberra Area Theatre (CAT) Awards on Saturday.

The awards, despite carrying the name of the national capital, recognise high performance in the theatre world across vast areas of NSW.

From Wollongong, Bateman’s Bay, Albury, other distant centres and nearby Molong and Orange, hundreds of people flocked to Dubbo as award contenders, family and friends or theatre lovers to watch those judged best in their fields of theatre receive awards.

The term gala awards night understates the importance of the recognition for amateur groups, actors, producers, directors and the wide array of other talented people who keep the theatre world alive in the regions.

In a world where screens increasingly dominate our lives, they keep the heart of an art form dating back to the ancient Greeks and beyond beating strongly.

There are few forms of art and entertainment that so thoroughly rely on the performance of talented people, on or off-stage, performing live and interacting directly with the audience.

It requires endless dedication, commitment, skill and courage to have your work on show and judged by hundreds of people as you perform live.

There are no video edits to change scenes or routines before the audience sees them, no way of airbrushing improvements to sets or costumes. It is as it is. Live.

And the wave of talent represented at the Dubbo theatre was tremendous.

While our local award nominees did not take home any silverware … their accomplishments were there for all to see. And no doubt, Theatre Team Dubbo will bring home plenty of silver in future years. Our congratulations to them all.

The city struck gold in hosting the event. This is the first time the CAT Awards have been held outside Canberra and Dubbo was chosen as the venue.

After the awards the organisers said the DRTCC and the people involved had been an “absolutely fabulous” choice.

TheDRTCC, the management and staff, our local performers and all involved deserve to take a deep bow.

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Nine news launching

STILL THE ONE: Nine News veteran news reader Jo Hall will present the new Western Victoria bulletin from next month. Picture: Kate Healy
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Regional broadcaster Southern Cross Austereolaunchesits dedicated Nine News Western Victoria bulletin to the south-west next month.

Presented by veteran news reader JoHall, the Western Victoria bulletin is the fifth in a series of 15 Nine Newsregional bulletins to be rolled out in the coming months as part of one of the biggest expansions of news operations in Australia.

The Ballarat-based bulletin ofNine Newsis set to go head-to-head in the 6pm timeslot with longstandingWIN News.

During a visit to Ballarat on Monday as part of a regional tour, Ms Hall saidthe roll-out was a big win for regional journalism.

“At a time when a lot of media organisations are shutting down andeverything is diminishing, I think it is fantasticNine are doing this because they’re actually hiring and re-building newsrooms to ensure high quality news content is still being createdfor regional communities rather than the other way around,” she said.

Ms Hall said the bulletin will be a mix oflocal stories including dedicated local sport and weather reports, blended with national and international coverage.

“It’s going to bring viewers the news of the day – their news of the day,” Ms Hallsaid.

“Everyone loves to hear what is happening overseas, but they also want to know is happening in Canberra in federal politics nationally, what’s happening in Melbourne andwhat is happening in their own city.”

A team of three journalists andtwo cameramen will be working on the ground inBallarat and the surrounding region to gather news as it breaks.

“The benefit of it being done remotely is that part of Nine’s commitment when they took over these stations wasa top-quality news service would be produced out of Nine’s stations which included news bureaus based all aroundregional Victoria,” Ms Hall said.

The teamwillwork alongsideproduction and editorial staff based in Melbourne.

Produced by Nine as part of its $500 million affiliation agreement with Southern Cross Austereo, the hour-long regional bulletins will air Monday to Friday.

The new bulletin will broadcast from Warrnambool and Portland in the south, as far west as the South Australia border and north as far as Warracknabeal.

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Hall of Fame launch

Over the years Grenfell and the Weddin Shire has produced many successful, talented sporting men and women.
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A small group of community members have banded together to form a committee to arrange for the establishment of Grenfell’s own Sporting Hall of Fameto honour those people who have been selected to representAustralia.

This official launch is scheduled to take placeon April 29 at the Grenfell Bowling Club commencing at 7pm for 7.30pm start.

The evening will commence with a two course meal and this will be followed by the induction into the Hall of Fame of our local sporting heroes.

We look forward to involving local sporting groups in the evening and thank the Grenfell Bowling Club for the support of this project.

There are now21 representatives to be inducted into the Sporting Hall of Fame, including:

Sam Myers – Rugby Union 2013, Stan McCabe – Cricket 1930, Reggie McNamara – Cycling 1913, Jan Lehane – Tennis 1960, Harry Anderson – Clay Target Shooting 1953, Anthony Brown – Sidecar racing 2002, Emily Crutcher – High Jump 2010, Jesse Mitton – Gridiron 2010, Clare Hunt – Soccer 2016, Henry Hunt – Cricket 2016, Dean Brus – Target Pistol Shooting 2007, Samantha Wood – Soccer 2007, Tabitha Jones – Mountain Bike Triathlon 2016, Michael Eppelstun – Body Boarding 1993,Wayne Heathcote -Triathlon 2004,Kristy McAlister – Lightweight Pairs Rowing 1989,Brendan Reeves – Rugby League 1991,Rob Chambers- Indoor Bowls 1976,Justyn Nowlan – Rugby Union 1994, MatthewReid –Karate 2000 andRodney Byrne –Touch Football 1993.

All members of the community are invited to attend the official launch which is sure to be a special occasion for residents of Grenfell and the Weddin Shire.

Tickets are now available from the Grenfell Bowling Club and must be purchased no later than April 26, 2017.

For further information regarding the event please contact Skippy Mitton Phone 02 6343 1087 or Nevin Hughes 02 6343 1544.

Come along and join in the celebrations and help us acknowledge the outstanding achievementsof our local sporting heroes.

Grenfell’s Sam Myers will be inducted into the Grenfell and District Sporting Hall of Fame.

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How people responded in the ‘What type of Aussie are you?’ quiz

Housing wouldn’t define rich and poor, same-sex marriage and voluntary euthanasia would be legal, and every neighbourhood would be a dazzling tapestry of ethnicities and cultures.
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That’s what Australia would look like if it were ruled by the 300,000 Australians who participated in the quiz “What type of Aussie are you?”, which was linked to the Political Personas Project.

Conducted by Fairfax Media in collaboration with the Australian National University and Netherlands-based political research enterprise Kieskompas, the project surveyed a nationally representative sample of 2600 Australians about their politics, social values and lifestyles.

Analysis of these responses revealed seven groups of Australians or “personas”, representative of the most common patterns of thinking in Australia.

The “What type of Aussie are you?” quiz on Fairfax Media websites then showed readers how closely they resembled each of the different personas, based on how strongly they agreed or disagreed with 36 statements on politics, society and lifestyle.

Same-sex marriage received overwhelming support from quiz participants, with 78 per cent disagreeing with the statement “Marriage should only be between a man and a woman”. Only 14 per cent agreed (7 per cent strongly).

It also garnered the strongest response of any statement. About 67 per cent voted “strongly” , compared with an average of 27 per cent across all statements in the quiz.

Respondents were most united on the benefits of multiculturalism, the right to voluntary euthanasia and the divisive effect of house prices.

Just over 86 per cent agreed with the statement “Multiculturalism is a good thing” (7 per cent disagreed); more than 85 per cent agreed with the statement “Terminally ill people should be able to end their own lives with medical assistance” (7 per cent disagreed); and 80 per cent agreed with the statement “The price of housing is creating a class system in Australia” (9.5 per cent disagreed).

Overall, people who took the quiz were more likely to be male, younger, university-educated and to live in a capital city.

They were nearly 2.5 times more likely than someone in the general population to match most closely with the Progressive Cosmopolitan tribe, distinguished by its internationalist outlook, love of diversity and progressive social values. Just under 45 per cent of quiz respondents most closely resembled the Cosmo, compared with 18 per cent of the general population.

Active Egalitarians and Ambitious Savers were also heavily over-represented, with quiz respondents nearly twice as likely as someone from the general population to belong to one of these tribes.

Just over 30 per cent of users most closely matched the Egalitarian tribe – distinguished by its strident support for wealth equality and strong social conscience – compared with 18 per cent in the general population.

Savers – who are career-minded and watch their spending – made up 10 per cent of the general population, but 18 per cent of those who completed the interactive.

The most under-represented were Prudent Traditionalists, which account for 30 per cent of the population, but only 10 per cent of people who completed the quiz.

Unimpressed by luxury and not career-oriented, this tribe leans towards conservative values and are the most wary of change of all the groups. This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.