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July, 2018

Off the road for 3 months

Matthew Curl of Grenfell pleaded guilty in Young Local Court to driving with an illicit drug in his system.
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Represented by Ms Rachel Power, Curl entered a guilty plea before Magistrate Dare.

The 18-year-old apprentice has secured a flat in Young after the incident.

Ms Power described the young man as “very eager to work.”

Magistrate Dare took into consideration Curl’s remorse and the steps he and his family had taken to prepare for Curl’s guilty plea. Magistrate Dareconvicted and fined Curl $100 and handed down a 3 month disqualification.

“Mr Curl, I won’t be offended if I don’t see you back again,” Magistrate Dare said.

According to police Curlhad held a provisional P1 licence for just over a year andduringthat time Curlhad lost his licence to demerit point suspension for a period of sixmonths.

Police saidCurl advised heis due to lose his licence for an unrelated traffic matter for a period of time.

According to the police facts about 12.50 pm on Tuesday September 13, 2016, police were patrolling Weddin Street inGrenfell when theyobserved three motor vehicles driving south bound.

Police stopped a yellow Ford XR6 for a random test.

Police said Curl, stopped his vehicle on the Henry Lawson Way crossing of Holy Camp Road before heproduced his NSW driver’s licence.

Police spoke to Curland conducted a breath test which resulted in a negative result.

At 12.58 pmpolice said they conducted a roadside drug test on Curl.

According to police at 1.06 pma positive result was observed for the drug Cannabis.

Curlwas arrested for the purpose of a secondary oral fluid test and taken to Young Police Station.

Curl was cautioned and asked a number of questions and was read the form of demand and subsequently provided a sample of oral fluid sufficient for analysis.

This sample was tested at the Young Police Station and returned a negative result.

The remainder of the sample was placed into a sealed vial in the presence of the accused and security sealed.

The accused was advised that the sample would be sent to the NSW forensic and analytical science servicefor analysis.

The accused was returned to his vehicle pending further testing.

The sample sent away returned positive, resulting in Curl’s appearance in Young Local Court.

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Fresh punt at fields money

Ready for kick-off: AFL North-East Border regional manager John O’Donohoe at the proposed site for Baranduda Fields which will be subject of a fresh funding application to the federal government from Wodonga Council.A SECOND bid will be made by the Wodonga Council for federal government funding for Baranduda Fields.
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Chief executive Patience Harrington said her councilwould seek$7 million viathe government’s Building Better Regions Fund.

It follows the council failing to secure $10 million from the federal government for the same project last year.

The council scaled down the budget for stage 1 of the sporting complex from $20 million to $14 million, prompting the reduced tally being sought.

Ms Harrington said Wodonga’s case for funding from Canberra had been strengthened by extra funding which had emerged since last year’s application.

That includes $650,000 from Recreation Victoria, $500,000 from Cricket Victoria, $100,000 in netball funding and $200,000 assistance from North East Water.

Ms Harrington also said the council was hopeful of an announcement of further Victorian government funding by the end of this week.

She told Monday night’s council meeting that the city was still keen to proceed with Baranduda Fields, provided other levels of government contributed.

“The council has and will continue to talk to state and federal governments to gain support on what is a critical priority project for Wodonga and the wider region that will have positive impacts on employment and the local economy,” Ms Harrington said.

Meanwhile, the council is expected to discuss whether its monthly meetings will be live-streamed when it reconvenes in March.

Ms Harrington said a report was being prepared for consideration following behind-closed-doors talks.

“The council has discussed live-streaming at the councillor briefings held on January 16 and February 13,” she said.

“Councillors have requested that a report be provided to a council meeting, which will canvass the issues related to live-streaming and webcasting.

“The report wouldalso examine alternatives such as live-posting on Facebook and Twitter, press conference post council meeting and audio-visual recording post council meeting.”

Patience Harrington on Baranduda FieldsThis story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

Apples look to netball for boost

GOOD SHOT: Aussie Apples is partnering with the Netball Australia in the new Suncorp Super Netball league which is hoped to lift the profile of the fruit. NOTE: Image has been digitally altered.
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AUSSIE apples will be given the sporting spotlight as they take up the centre bib in a partnership with the national netball body.

Horticulture Innovation Australia (HIA) signed a lucrative three-year $600,000 contract with Netball Australia last week, securing exposure for the “Aussie Apples” brand at elite international matches and local games across the nation.

The new partnership marks the start of the 2017 Aussie Apples marketing campaign.

Parts of the deal include the supply of apples to players at all levels plus television advertising, high-profile netball player ambassador activities, website promotion and match signage.

Netball Australia acting CEO, Marne Fechner, said the partnership was a natural fit.

“We’re delighted to be partnering with Horticulture Innovation Australia through the Aussie Apples brand,” Ms Fechner said.

“In this next evolution for netball, we have been seeking to create partnerships with brands who align with our values and vision.

“With its focus on healthy nutrition, and interest in supporting Australia’s leading women’s sport from the grassroots to the elite, we couldn’t be happier in welcoming Horticulture Innovation Australia to netball.”

HIA chief executive, John Lloyd, said with the rise and rise of netball in Australia and the healthy connection between apples and sport, the partnership made sense.

“Industry is very excited about this new venture, which is timely given the breadth of participation in netball across the nation and the increasing profile of women’s sport in Australia,” Mr Lloyd said.

According to Netball Australia, 1.2 million people play netball in Australia, and a further 250,000 people attend games each year.

And that number is soon to grow with Suncorp Super Netball which aired on prime-time free-to-air television last weekend.

Aussie Apples will also be promoted at the matches of the national team, the Australian Diamonds, which has won 11 out of 13 World Championships.

The Diamonds are dominating the world circuit with a recent victory in the Quad Series title in England.

It’s not the first time Australian sport and sports identities have leant a hand to promote a particular fruit.

For more than a decade, rugby league star, Billy Slater, has been the pin-up boy for the Australian banana industry, with his Innisfail upbringing making him a natural pick.

Billy Slater promoting Australian bananas.Last year, AFL star, Patrick Dangerfield, also gave the banana industry a boost when he appeared on the national fishing program, iFish, sporting a bright yellow Australian Bananas t-shirt.

The 2011 Young Australian of the Year and world solo sailor, Jessica Watson, partnered with Australian Cherries to give them a profile push when her star was on the rise, while swimming sensation, Libby Trickett, gave her support to Australian Table Grapes’ Munch-A-Bunch campaign for two years running in 2012 and 2013.

Jessica Watson lends her voice to Australian cherries.This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

Angst over autopsies in metro cities

LONG WAIT: A funeral for Graham “Shorty” Miller could not be held for 13 days after his death.HEALTH officialshavedefended centralising autopsies in Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong in the face of some Riverinafamilies having to wait up to two weeks to hold funerals for loved ones.
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The issue was raised by former Wagga man Warren Miller, who could not hold a funeral for his brother Graham for 13 days after he died in the Wagga Rural Referral Hospital from pneumonia on September 17.

Mr Miller branded the wait “disgusting” and said autopsies, also known as post-mortem examinations, were once routinely conducted in Wagga.

“It’s just ridiculous that if anyone dies in Wagga you have an autopsy in Newcastle,” Mr Miller said.

“The cost must be prohibitive.”

Graham (Shorty) Miller’s death was not suspicious, but the case was referred to the coroner after he collapsed in hospital and underwent chest compressions, which caused some bruising.

Warren Miller also had to wait four months for his brother’s autopsy report, leaving him disillusioned with the coronial process.

A joint statement released by NSW Health Pathology and Murrumbidgee Local Health District said hospital-based autopsies were relatively rare and very few had been conducted at Wagga in recent years.

“Coronial post-mortems are requested by the Office of the State Coroner in the event of an unexplained or unexpected death,” the statement said.

It said coronial post-mortems couldonly be performed by qualified forensic pathologists who have undergone specialist training and certification.

“In some instances, our forensic medicine teams can also use specialised equipment, such as CT scanners, to help determine a cause of death in the least invasive way possible.

“This approach means NSW Health Pathology uses world-class technology and practices to provide the highest possible standard of work.”

NSW Health Pathology says autopsies are usually carried out within 24 to 72 hours of the deceased arriving at one if its facilities.

The full statement“The Murrumbidgee Local Health District can confirm that the mortuary at Wagga Wagga Base Hospital is open.

Murrumbidgee LHD manages the day-to-day operation of the hospital mortuary, which is used to keep deceased patients before they are released to families for funeral arrangements. This includes supporting the transfer of deceased patients to NSW Health Pathology’s Department of Forensic Medicine in Newcastle when a coronial post-mortem is requested by the Office of the State Coroner.

Hospital-based autopsies are relatively rare and very few have been carried out at Wagga Wagga Base Hospital in recent years.

For reference, there are two types of post-mortems; coronial and non-coronial.

Requests for non-coronial post-mortems typically come from the family of the deceased and involve cases where the cause of death is already known.

These can be performed by anatomical pathologists, and NSW Health Pathology has an anatomical pathologist based at Wagga Wagga Base Hospital who is qualified to carry out non-coronial post-mortems.

Coronial post-mortems are requested by the Office of the State Coroner in the event of an unexplained or unexpected death.

NSW Health Pathology’s Department of Forensic Medicine performs coronial post-mortems and related forensic pathology testing at the request and direction of the Coroner.

Coronial post-mortems can only be performed by qualified forensic pathologists who have undergone specialist training and certification. Forensic pathologists are supported by qualified technicians, specialist grief counsellors and other essential staff.

In some instances, our forensic medicine teams can also use specialised equipment such as CT scanners to help determine cause of death in the least invasive way possible.

NSW Health Pathology’s specialist forensic medicine teams are based at Newcastle, Sydney and Wollongong.

This approach means NSW Health Pathology uses world-class technology and practices to provide the highest possible standard of work.

We know the death of a loved one is difficult and both NSW Health Pathology and Murrumbidgee

LHD are committed to doing everything we can to minimise the distress for grieving families.”

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The worst has passed for Port Kembla, says CEO

BlueScope CEO Paul O’Malley says the worst is over for Port Kembla. Picture: JIM RICEAs far as the Port Kembla steelworks is concerned, the bad times are now in the rear-view mirror, according to BlueScope CEO Paul O’Malley.
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In the back end of 2015, BlueScope delivered an ultimatum to the steelworkers at Port Kembla –find $200 million in savings or the gates would close.

It was news that sent shock waves through the Illawarra, as the extent of the flow-on effects of closure were realised.

Several hundred workers left the company, but the$200 million target was reached and the steelworks stayed open.

On Monday, with BlueScope announcing a $359 million half-year profit, Mr O’Malley agreed thatthe worst was over for Port Kembla.

“I thinkthat is absolutely fair [to say],” Mr O’Malley said.

“Port Kembla is through the worst of the pain – it is about the future.”

While Port Kembla’s fortunes have improved it was still in the red from time to time. However,the situation was no longer as dire as it was two years ago.

“The way I would look at it is, itgoes up and down but we’ve passed the point of saying, ‘if it goes down we have to shut’,” hesaid.

“This is not aboutmakingshort-term ‘do we keep going or do we shut?’decisions.

“We’re producing such good momentum in productivityimprovement, in cost reductions. The focus now is more on ensuring that we get a return on the capitalsowe can bank enough money between now and a blast furnace reline so that a reline pay for itself.”

At Monday’s briefing, Mr O’Malley said the move to reduce costs would be ongoing across the board.

He said each of the more than 100 sites in the Australian section of the business had been assigned a savings target.

The $150 million target for the first half of this financial year was reached and Mr O’Malley said a similar amount was expected from January to June this year.

A target for the Australian business of $300 million had been set for the 2017-18 financial year and, after that, to offset cost riseswith “productivity improvements”.

Mr O’Malley didn’t specify whether this would include further job losses at Port Kembla.

“We’re adding labourat the plate mill,we’ve been adding labour on the core plate line but thereare some areas where we’rereducing labour,” he said.

“There’s always movement at such a large organisation, but some ofthe productivitywill come from capital investment that sees us either improve the qualityor the process or does some automation.”

Illawarra Mercury

Gilmore keen to kick-start revival at Surfest

STEPHANIE Gilmore says a seventh world titlewould be sweeter than any other because of the depth of talent on the championship tour.
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CHAMPION: Stephanie Gilmore at a Surfest press conference on Monday at Merewether Surf Lifesaving Club. Picture: Marina Neil

And given she started arguably her worst year on tour with a second at Surfest in 2016, the Snapper Rocks superstar is keen to go one better at Merewether this week and build confidence ahead of the opening CT event on her home break.

The 29-year-old was sixth on the CT last year after bowing out in the quarter-finals six times acrossthe 10 events. It wasthe worst tour finish, except for an injury-marred 2015, for Gilmore, whowon her maiden world title as a rookiein 2007.

Gilmore keen to kick-start revival at Surfest Matt Wilkinson

Matt Wilkinson, Jack Freestone, Stephanie Gilmore and Sally Fitzgibbons.

Sally Fitzgibbons

Matt Wilkinson, Jack Freestone, Stephanie Gilmore and Sally Fitzgibbons.

Stephanie Gilmore.

TweetFacebook Surfest starsMarina Neil images from the Surfest press conference on Monday at Merewether Surf Lifesaving Club.“It was frustrating because I was surfing well but I just couldn’t piece it together consistently,” Gilmore said.“Maybe that was my mental game letting me down. I just didn’t really have the confidenceto take it all the way to the final in any event.

“To say it was a disappointing year, you could, butat the end of the day I felt I learnt so much more from a year like that thanyou do when you arehavinggreat success.

“I think I’m in a pretty good position where I’ve had the success and now it’s kind of interestingto have to go back and rethink abouthow I get back to that point, how I get back to thattop level.

“It’s tough but it’s what I want to do and I’m really looking forward to this year.”

Gilmore was Surfest champion in 2008 but was denied a second crown in the final last year by Sally Fitzgibbons, who is also returning to the 6000-point World Surf League qualifying series event, which is likely to start on Tuesday.

The star pairing begin in round three, and Gilmore was driven to join Fitzgibbons as a two-time Surfest champion.

“I think any time you lose when you’re a competitor, it becomes one of those things where you have togo out there andtry again and keeptrying until youget that win,” she said.“For me, that’s what stokes the fire, when you don’t have those successes. It makes me want to put my head down, work harder andcome back stronger and more confident than before.”

Gilmore ended 2016 on a high, beating new world champion Tyler Wright and three-time No.1 Carissa Moore at the Pipe Invitational. After the win, she said it was extra specialbecauseWright and Moorewere the“best in the world right now”.

On Monday, Gilmore, whose most recent world title was in 2014,said it wasn’t difficult to admitshe had ground to make up.

“I think seeing all these other girls get these results and the hunger they have to do well, it’s not hard at all to say they are the best in the world,” she said.“There’s so much talent on tour and it’s exciting to be part ofit and, obviously, I thinkany win from here on in will be much sweeter than ever before.”

2 armed robbery attacks for cash

APPEAL: Detective Inspector Winston Woodward wants witnesses or anyone with information to contact police as a matter of urgency. A MAN has been threatened with a handgun and a venue targeted by an offender armed with a machete in two separate armed robberies.
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A black pistol was pulled on a man on Stanley Street in Albury about 5am on Monday, with the offender demanding cash.

The 55-year-old victim, who had only just gotten out of his car, threw his backpack at the armed man before running away.

The victim attended the police station a short time later to report the incident.

Detective Inspector Winston Woodward said police were urgently seeking witnesses or anyone with information.

The wanted man is described as 180 centimetres tall with a thin to medium athletic build.

He had broad shoulders and was wearing dark tracksuit pants and a hoodie.

“At this time we’re still looking for the stolen backpack,” he said,.

“If anyone has information, they should contact detectives or Crime Stoppers.”

It followed an armed robbery attempt at Wangaratta a few hours earlier.

The offender entered The Old Town and Country Tavern about 10pm Sunday armed with a machete or knife and a plastic bag.

He had his face covered and shouted out for cash to be taken from the register, but there was no-one at the machine.

The offender left empty handed and police are appealing for information to track him down.

Detective Senior Constable Jason Brown said it was a concerning incident.

“There were people playing the pokies when it happened and he had to walk past a few of them,” he said.

“There were four or five people inside the venue.

“It is concerning.

“It’s out of character for the area.”

Detective Senior Constable Brown said he struggled to remember the last time Wangaratta had had an armed robbery.

He said the timing meant there had been few people inside the Greta Road property.

“At 10pm, it wasn’t too far off closing time,” he said.

“He had his head covered with something, went to the counter and demanded cash, but the staff were in another part of the bar.

“It was a meat cleaver type of weapon and he had a plastic bag.”

Albury police can be contacted on (02) 6023 9299.

Wangaratta police be reached on (03) 5723 0888.

Crime Stoppers is on 1800 333 000.

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Marriage equality dispute flares again

PETITION ARRIVES: Michael Burge presents Bowman MP Andrew Laming with a petition he and others helped gather last year in support of marriage equality.
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LOCAL marriage equality campaigners hope that a Senate report released last week will pave the way for a vote in Federal Parliament on same-sex marriage.

Coochiemudlo Island resident MichaelBurge said a focus of the reporton the government’s draft marriage equality billwas on whether wedding service providers should be able to refuse their services to same-sex couples.

Thereport found that civil celebrants should not be able to refuse to marry same-sex couplesand that existing laws that allowed any minister of religion to refuse to marry any couple on religious grounds do not need to be extended.

Mr Burge said it was time for MPs to backa free vote on marriage equality.

“The community expects it, the Senate has given it a green light …and as our 2016 petition of the Bowman electorate showed, the overwhelming majority of (MP Andrew)Laming’s constituents support it,’’ he said.

Mr Burge said Mr Laming had long been asupporter of civil unions for same-sex couples, so allowing equal access to theMarriage Act was the next step for him and all federal MPs.

“Many Bowman constituents are now looking to Mr Laming to assistbring the matter to a head within the Liberal Partyand soonin order to avoid the political storm that broke over the Coalition during the last federal election campaign,’’ he said.

MrLamingsaid he did not opposesame sex marriage and would conduct a survey on the issue within weeks.

“I am one step away from voting yes or no because my job is to represent my community, not enforce my view on others,’’ he said.

“That step is a Redland-wide,reply-paid Australia Postall letterboxes droppedhousehold survey which I fund and perform each yearwith a massive social media awareness campaign.

“…Redland City is Australia’s most polled community on this issueand my survey is the largest and most scientific conducted by any politician nationwide.’’

Mr Burge saidMr Laming’sannual survey wasa one-vote-per-household form in which one of the many questions was usually about “gay marriage’’.

“That term is not about equality,’’ he said. “Same-sex attracted people don’t want anything special, we just want equality.

“Gay marriageis like saying we’d prefer gay bus stopsor gay supermarkets.’’

This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

Positive steps for a medical school to be established in Orange

STUDY TOUR: Assistant health minister Dr David Gillespie discusses regional training with CSU vice-chancellor Professor Andrew Vann in Orange. Photo: EMILY BENNETTHopes for a medical school to be established in Orange received a boost on Monday with the visit of a key politician to Charles Sturt University.
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Federal assistant Minister for Health Dr David Gillespie toured the university’s medical faculty.

He is currently conductinga review of undergraduate places for medical students at 19 universities across Australia.

Dr Gillespie said it was his second visit to the CSU campus in Orange and he was impressed by the facility.

“It’s really kicking some goals in their dental school, in their nursing and allied health students,” he said.

“They have a really good product and I’m really proud that they’re doing it.

“They’re doing a really good job, in fact an excellent job.”

Dr Gillespie said country areas were“crying out”fordoctors and rural training could help ease that problem.

“We like the effect of rural clinical education for medical practitioners.

“It does inspire them toend up practising rural,” Dr Gillespiesaid.

CSU director of government and community relations Peter Fraser said the visit gave CSU the chance to state its case for increasing the number of student doctors training in rural and regional areas.

“Today’s meeting with Dr Gillespie was very positive,” he said.

“Charles Sturt University was able to outline the benefits of establishing a medical school in Orange, Wagga Wagga and Bendigo.

“We are continuing to fight to ensure we have a medical school in Orange.”

CSU and Melbourne’s Latrobe University are seeking to have an initial 120 places for medical students across the three campuses [Orange, Wagga Wagga and Bendigo] which would be known as the Murray Darling medical school.

Mr Fraser said it was intended that the allocationwould rise to 180 places –with 60 students in each campus.

“The next step will be continuing to make the case at a Commonwealth and State level and we will be working with our communities to ensure our message is heard in Canberra.”

Mr Fraser said the visit followed a meeting between the CSU vice-chancellor Professor Andrew Vann andthe Latrobe vice-chancellor Professor John Dewer with the deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce last year.

He saidMr Joyce backed the regional proposal.

This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

Dogs get a feel for Eureka

LOCAL BOY: Chris Maple speaks to the media on Monday morning.Chris Maple is all too familiar with Eureka Stadium and hopes the Western Bulldogs can build the AFL’s newest venue into a home away from home.
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Maple, who coached Buninyong to a Central Highlands Football League premiership on the ground in 2002 and guided the North Ballarat Rebels there as head coach, is already looking forward to the Bulldogs’ game in Ballarat during August.

The club will tackle Port Adelaide in a round 22 fixture, the first game for premiership points ever held in Ballarat.

Maple, the Bulldogs’ new coaching performance manager, helped lead a light training session at Eureka Stadium on Monday morning as part of the two-day community camp.

He admitted the club is feeling the love from the region’s community.

“There’s a bit of work to do, but it’s coming along,” Maple said of Eureka Stadium, which is currently being redeveloped.

“We’re really excited about coming up here to play our games and making it a Bulldog fortress.

“We know the community is behind us and we are putting a lot into making that happen.

“Hopefully it can all get finished and we have a win in August.

“I just know, being from the local community, so many people are on board and want us to do well and are really excited about having AFL footy come to their town.”

Monday’s open training session was essentially recovery from Saturday’s pre-season clash against Melbourne, with players basically there to meet and greet fans as well as sign autographs and pose for photos.

Despite the lack of a serious hit-out, many of the club’s stars were in attendance.

The big names included premiership playersJason Johannisen, Luke Dahlhaus, Tom Liberatore, Caleb Daniel, Tom Boyd and Jake Stringer.

Collingwood recruit Travis Cloke was there, as was skipper Bob Murphy.

The squadin Ballarat will take part in a closed training session at Eureka Stadium on Tuesday before heading home later in the afternoon.

A group of Western Bulldogs players and coaches is also currently in Horsham as part of the community camp.

This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

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