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‘I swallowed a chicken bone and became a quadriplegic’

Shane Barnbrook, with wife Sarah, is suing two hospitals for negligent care that left him a paraplegic. Photo: Justin McManus The Age, News, 14/02/2017, picture by Justin McManus. Shane Barnbrook with wife Sarah. They are suing two hospitals for negligent care that left him a paraplegic. Photo: Justin McManus
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It started as an embarrassing joke. Shane Barnbrook accidentally swallowed a chicken bone while eating dinner and knew it had to come out.

While waiting for the bone to emerge, his family called him a “pain in the bum”. His wife Sarah was 40 weeks pregnant, so she wanted him to be well for their third child’s arrival.

Shane, a social worker, thought about going to the doctor but figured he’d be okay. Eventually, half a wishbone arrived. It was painful but not enough for him to think it would make him a quadriplegic.

But over the next few days, Shane felt tired and had indigestion. He planned to go to his GP, then his chest tightened up. He thought he was having a heart attack. Sarah called an ambulance. When paramedics arrived, he had pain radiating down one arm and felt anxious. He told them about the chicken bone he’d swallowed and said he had pain in his rectum.

He was taken to Seymour Hospital, north of Melbourne, where staff recorded “10/10” anal pain, a small amount of chest pain, and shortness of breath. A nurse examined him, and noted his anus was sore, but found no abnormality.

A doctor also examined his rectum, but did not document an abnormality. By this stage, medical notes show Shane was rating his pain a “12/10”. Tests on his heart showed no sign of a heart attack.

Something else was happening. It just hadn’t been diagnosed.

Despite ongoing pain, a doctor sent Shane home with a prescription for haemorrhoid ointment and painkillers. A day later, he felt so sick he returned to Seymour Hospital. He was cold, clammy, had extreme pain in his abdomen and was vomiting. Within seven hours, he was in an ambulance en route to Melbourne’s Northern Hospital for more advanced care.

While waiting for a surgeon to examine him, hospital staff noted his history and queried a “perforation” or “abscess” in his medical record.

A surgical team opened up his abdomen. There were signs of an infection, their notes reveal, but lawyers acting for Shane say the surgical team did not look for a perforation in his rectum.

Following the operation, Shane got sicker, and by the next day his body was in shock due to an infection.

It took another two days for surgeons to open him up a second time. Again, the surgical team allegedly failed to explore his anus and rectum enough to confirm or exclude a perforation.

Around this time, Sarah, still 40 weeks pregnant, was told her husband was unlikely to survive. Shane was critically ill in intensive care and receiving dialysis. She was told to gather the family, including their two young children, to say goodbye.

Shane survived, giving surgeons the opportunity for another look inside his abdomen. It was a case of third time lucky. They found a hole in his rectum and a profound abscess on his abdominal wall which they attempted to treat.

It was the turning point Shane needed to move on from the sepsis that was threatening his life. But when he woke up in the intensive care unit about a week later, he was a quadriplegic. The condition stemmed from “critical illness neuropathy” – a disease of the nerves which can occur after an infection.

While this was unfolding, Sarah gave birth to their third child. It was a bittersweet time for the family. Sarah found herself regularly travelling from Seymour to Melbourne with an infant and their two young children to support Shane.

He remained at the Northern Hospital for a year and then spent three more years in rehabilitation and a nursing home before returning home this year. He remains a quadriplegic with less than 50 per cent movement in his arms and legs.

Shane is now suing the two hospitals that cared for him, alleging they did not listen to him and act fast enough to detect and repair the rectum perforation. Had it been treated faster, a writ in the Supreme Court says, he would have made a full recovery.

“This is a tragic case. It illustrates the catastrophic and life-changing consequences that can stem from medical errors,” said Tom Ballantyne, a principal at Maurice Blackburn acting for Shane.

“There were numerous opportunities to make the correct diagnosis and intervene, but instead, events have snowballed to the point where Mr Barnbrook now has a severe and life-long disability.”

Spokespeople for the two hospitals declined to comment.

Shane said he hoped hospital workers would learn from his story and that people would go to the doctor for embarrassing problems like the one he initially faced.

“Don’t be a typical male. Go to the doctor,” he said. “It’s not worth it.”

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Millions lose confidence in Australia Post

Vivienne Pearson
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My confidence in Australia Post was high until two years ago. I like using traditional mail, despite doing most of my communication electronically: online shopping deliveries, business-related post and I am a sucker for an old-fashioned birthday card.

My confidence was already low and now, with the news of chief executive Ahmed Fahour’s obscene salary, it’s close to zero.

Two years ago, I assumed the hiccups I was experiencing were simply because I had moved from a capital city to a small town.

Still, two weeks for mail to get from northern NSW to Melbourne stretched the friendship.

The next problem was that my Australia Post mail redirect didn’t work. Some mail simply didn’t arrive and items that were successfully redirected took too long.

Then, the cost of a stamp jumped from 70¢ to $1. It effectively went up by more 100 per cent.

After two instances of a letter taking a week to be delivered to nearby towns, I decided to forgo the extra 50¢ worth of decoration on my envelopes.

Deliveries in the other direction proved even more problematic, including the online shopping deliveries that are allegedly the lifeline of the electronic-age Australia Post.

T-shirts ordered in early October for Halloween did not arrive by the 30th.

Despite our innate loyalty to Australia Post, my husband has switched to courier companies for his business, and asks his suppliers to do the same.

I still get bills and bank statements sent by mail but only those that have long lead times for payment.

I am not the only one complaining. If you are in need of a sense of solidarity, spend a minute on Australia Post’s Facebook page.

News of Fahour’s salary simply means that I no longer look to the challenges of our wide-brown land, my interstate move, my country town life, or the incompetence of individual agency owners for responsibility.

The blame now clearly sits with every individual involved at a senior level with Australia Post. To allow unseemly pay packets within such a poorly performing business should be inconceivable.

As this is a government-owned corporation surely something should be able to change. Whether or not it is too late to restore the confidence of millions of Australians is another question.

Vivienne Pearson is a freelance writer.This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

Judge stunned by church’s legal aid to paedophile

A Victorian judge said evidence the Catholic Church continues to fund the legal defence of one of Australia’s worst paedophiles, Robert Charles Best, “just blows me away”.
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On Monday Best, 76, pleaded guilty in the County Court of Victoria to sexually abusing 20 young victims between 1968 and 1988 at schools in Ballarat, Box Hill, Geelong and Moonee Ponds.

County Court Judge Geoffrey Chettle admitted he was struggling to contain his emotion at the gravity and extent of Best’s abuse.

“It’s hard not to get angry, and I’m trying,” he said.

The Church admitted in 2013 to have spent more than $1 million on defending Best, whose victims number in the dozens. Some of the victimstook their own lives in the aftermath of Best’s abuse.

“I’ve got to say that just blows me away, on a plea,” County Court Judge Geoffrey Chettle said when told the Church continued to fund Best’s defence.

“It’s ongoing, regular abuse of children over 20 years, from a man who purports to be their pastoral carer”.

In 2011 the Christian Brother wasjailedfor abusing 11 other children under his care. The Church hasalready spentat least $1 million on defending Best.

With his guilty pleas to 24 charges Best now joins the likes of GeraldRidsdale​as among Australia’s worst paedophiles.

Best taught at several Catholic schools including Ballarat’s StAlipiusprimary school in 1971.

Ridsdale, the country’s most notorious paedophile priest, was the school’s chaplain, while convicted paedophiles Stephen Farrell, EdwardDowlan and Gerald Fitzgeraldfilledthe teaching ranks.

Most of Brother Best’s victims were schoolboys aged between eight and 11 who he abused while working as a teacherat St Alipius as well as St Leo’s College in Box Hill, St Bernard’s in Moonee Ponds and St Joseph’s College, Geelong.

Many of the assaults occurred in Best’s office, where he took victims for punishment, prosecutor Peter Rose QC told the court.

Othersoccurredin the school sick bay under the pretext of checking their wellbeing.

One young man was abused while singing during choir practice. Another when he was reading out loud in front of class.

Yet another had his hands bound with rope to a metal grate byRidsdalewhile Best assaulted him.

When his victims started to cry, Best whispered that it would “be OK” as he continued to assaultthem.

Several of those he abused braved the witness boxto tell of the harm he had done to their lives.

“As a seven or eight year old, the fear I had was enormous. I would go to school not knowing the next time I would be attacked

“The fear and anxiety was unbearable. He is truly a monster,” one of Best’s victims said.

Many of Best’s other victims have since killed themselves, several victims told the court.

Best will be sentenced on March 2.

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Lure of the Cup draws hopefuls to Quirindi

Cup time draws closer: Egyptian Ruler wins last year’s Quirindi Cup. The annual race has rolled around again and will be run on Friday.GOOD nominations ensure Friday’s Akubra Quirindi Cup meeting will provide a strong eight-race TAB card.
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The festivities begin with the Cup Calcutta, hosted by Kim Stewart, at the Quirindi RSL Club from 6pm on Thursday night before what looks a cracking meeting on Friday.

The $40,000 Akubra Quirindi Cup (1600m) is the feature race and finished with 17 nominations on Monday,while the $30,000 Quirindi RSL $30,000 Lightning Handicap (1100m) attracted 21 entries.

Quirindi Jockey Club secretary Ted Wilkinson is prepared for a big day of racing.

“They were pretty good nominations,” he said of program which received 141 nominations.

“That’s a pretty good effort even though the two-year-old and Class 3 were a little disappointing.

“They should hold up though while we will have good fields for the Cup, Lightning and other support races.”

Five trainers – Jane Clement, Stephen Gleeson, Pat Farrell, Rod Northam and Paul Perry – are in the running to snare a Cup-Lightning double.

Gleeson, Clementand Perry have extra chances of capturing a Cup.

Muswellbrook trainer Gleeson has entered Dancing Daydream and Pippi’s Pride for theCup and Don’t Tease Me in the Lightning.

Perry has nominated Quartermaster and Secret Web for the metric mile feature with Surfin’ Safari in the Lightning.

Bendemeer-based Clement has nominated Santiago and Southern Orders in the Cup with Desert Marshal, a winner at Walcha on Cup day, her Lightning entrant.

Scone horsemanNortham tackles the Cup-Lightning double with Husswick and Sargent Doakes.

Talented Bowie’s Babe (Leon Davies) and dual Inverell Shorts winner, Capitano, are also notable nominations for the Lightning.

“It’s going to be a good day,” Wilkinson added.

“We also have a fashions in the field for men and women and a president’s luncheon (with QJC president Danny Donoghue) for sponsors and special guests at the track.

AKUBRA QUIRINDI CUP NOMINATIONS: Adaboy Ross (Richard Litt), Bayview Emperor (Jeremy Sylvester), Classic Attitude (Michael Dykes), Dancing Daydream (Stephen Gleeson), Don’t Nicme (Tas Morton), Fort Sumter (Pat Farrell), Halfway To Heaven (Bob Haire),Husswick (Rod Northam), New Divide (Tas Morton),Pippi’s Pride (Stephen Gleeson), Quartermaster (Paul Perry), Santiago (Jane Clement), Secret Web (Paul Perry), Southern Orders (Jane Clement), Star Of Legs (Tas Morton), Uncle Sugar (Tara & Philippe Vigouroux), Zadok The Priest (Robert Davies).This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

Roadworks may force war memorial to move

MOVING: The Busselton War Memorial could be moved to a new location at Rotary Park if the RSL agree to the relocate the site. Photo: Alexis Zahner.The Busselton War Memorial could be relocated due to roadworks which are set to start within the next five years.
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The City of Busselton director of engineering and work services Oliver Darby said a traffic study was done to find where they could easecongestion in the town centre.

Mr Darby said Victoria Square, where the war memorial is now located, would be convertedinto the “magic roundabout.”

He said major roadworkswhich needed to be done also includedwidening Causeway Road and Strelly Street within the next five years.

“This needs to go ahead, it is something that will happen,” he said.

“No decision has been made on what to do with the war memorial, it could stay in place but the roadworks will go ahead.”

City of Busselton mayor Grant Henley said implementing the outcomes of the traffic study would entail a great deal of community consultation.

Mr Henley said the city wouldensure all stakeholders were aware of the objectives through each phase of the project.

He said the city would consult with the Busselton RSL on a range of different traffic management models.

“It is important to note that moving the BusseltonWarMemorialis not necessary to implement the outcomes of the traffic management study and the city certainly would not contemplate this without the agreement of the RSL,” he said.

“The city is in early discussions with the RSL to ensure they are across a range of different scenarios aimed at improving access into and around the town-site while ensuring the memorialcontinues to take pride of place.”

Busselton RSL secretary Glenn Woodward said he discussed the matter with the RSL WA who had no issues with the war memorial being relocated.

Mr Woodward said other war memorials in WA had been moved in the past including the Bassendean War Memorial which also made way for roadworks.

“It is not unique to Busselton it has happened in other parts of WA and it is something we need to look at,” he said.

RSL WA chief executive officer John McCourt said while the RSL preferred that memorials remained in the same locationit was not always possible

Mr McCourt said in the past the RSL had worked closely with local governments to relocate memorials and thanked the city for working closing with their Busselton branch.

“Memorials are sacred to returned servicemen and women and obviously such decisions are not taken lightly,” he said.

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School captains selected

Maximum school spirit: Collie Senior High School principal Dale Miller alongside school captains Connor Watts and Chloe Garner. Photo: Thomas Munday.The newly-announcedschool captains at Collie Senior High Schoolhave planned to look out for all students and teachersthroughout 2017.
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Connor Watts and ChloeGarner haveservedontheStudent Council since Year 8.

The pair also servedasSchoolPrefects before applying for theschoolcaptain positions.

“I wanted to be school captain ever since I got to high school, I have been a student councillor since Year 8 so I’ve watched it every year and it seems like an awesome role and it looksgood on your resume as well,” Chloe said.

“I’ve been at Collie for the past four years as well on the student council so we’ve both just been there the whole time, watching the older kids do it and so we aspired to do the same thing,” Connor said.

The two assisted the student council with leadership activitiesand fundraising events for the school.

They said the studentcouncil’s work hasshowcased the students’cooperation and dedication.

The pair have focused on getting more students involved in the studentcouncil as well as theswimming and athletics carnivals.

“We’re one of the few schools that actually have swimming carnivals and cross country [events] and all that so we want to keep that still going and keep kids going to them because it’s one of the great things about Collie Senior High School,” he said.

The pair are alsostudying for ATAR and volunteering aspart of the 2017 Anzac Tour of Vietnam and Cambodia.

Connor and Chloe saidthe school is a positive environment for students and staff.

Chloe said they would like to show more people how active and engaged Collie kids can be.

“Every town will have kids that don’t do stuff but come and we’ll show you all the cool places and we’ll show you the cool things that Collie has to offer because it’s quite unique with what it has with its rivers and lakes, our ski lakes, our skate park is really popular as well so that’s cool,” she said.

Chloe enjoys playing netball, playing guitar andhanging out with friends.She is looking to study primary school teaching at ECU Bunbury.

Connor plays a variety of sports in his spare time,planning to get into sportsscience or sports teaching.

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Lend a Hand can help

ANY JOB: The Lend a Hand crew at work in 2016. They helped families, the elderly and disabled with many household tasks.2016 was a busy year for the team in the Camden Haven area for the Lend a Hand (LAH) crew.
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Once a month a task was undertaken and over the year. Sevenfamilies asked for help and assistance with cleaning up their properties. A number of these the LAH team have been back a second time to finish off the project and to check on their well-being.

Lawnmowing, gardening, washing windows, pressure-washing pathways, washing cars, vacuuming floors, washing dishes, washing clothes andfolding, andshopping.

LAH plans to keep in contact with the families to ensure they are doing well andif they need anything else.

Some comments from the families were:

“I am so grateful for LAH helping me, I live on my own & have health issues, I am unable to do the tasks I once used to do.”“LAH are such a good team, they stick together no matter what. My small request was to change my engine oil in the car and the whole team came to support each other. It’s like 1 big happy family!”“LAH helped us by mowing the lawns and gardening before I was to move house, I was in need and they were willing to give their time to help me!”“LAH brought me food andcooking even when I didn’t ask for it but I truly needed it at the time.”Lend A Hand is a free, no strings attached, community service to the people in the Camden Haven area. If you feel like you would like assistance – whether you’re a single parent orelderly finding it hard to keep up with the duties you once could do or a family that is genuinely struggling –don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Find us on Facebook at Lend A Hand and “Like” our page to keep up to date with what is going on and to see previous updates projects we have successfully completed.

Call Obed on 0498 628 715 or email [email protected]南京夜网 and one of our team members will follow up with you as soon as possible.

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North West gets works

Deputy Premier Jackie Trad has announced $15m in funding for the North West in the Works for Queensland program.A $1 million combined cycle and walking track from Mount Isa to Lake Moondarra is among the North West projects approved inthe state government’s $200 million Works for Queensland program.
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Deputy Premier and Minister for Infrastructure and Planning Jackie Trad said the response from councils to the program had been overwhelmingly positive.

“This program has been embraced by councils across Queensland because they know it will deliver jobs and infrastructure for their communities,”

“This funding will be used on important local projects like road and water plant upgrades, but also recreational facilities to enhance liveability in these communities,”Ms Trad said.

Mount Isa Mayor Joyce McCulloch said theWorks for Queensland projects would have an immediate impact.

“This funding is for the purpose of making improvements to our communities’ infrastructure and creating jobs, for the benefit of everyone who lives here,” Cr McCulloch said.

“We have identified a number of projects including works to the family fun park and skate park, and the introduction of a recycling transfer station which will provide a sustainable and ongoing recycling program for the community and create employment opportunities.”

North West Region Council will deliver more than 50 projects with their $15.5 million allocation including:

•$3.03m for six Mount Isa City Council projects including a $1mcycling/walking track to Lake Moondarra, and $695,000 to upgrade the skate park and link the site adjacent to the existing family park and pool

•$1.03m for eight Boulia Shire Council projects including restoration works at Stonehouse Cottage, building a new $175,000 water park for children in Burke St and providing a skate park and play equipment as part of a $395,000 Robinson Park upgrade.

•$1.42m for three Cloncurry Shire Council projects including a $1.09m project to complete previous local roads improvements.

•$1.07m for eight McKinlay Shire Council projects including an upgrade for the McKinlay tennis courts and enhancing the Julia Creek events venue precinct by creating a hill for a permanent bar, toilet and gate office

•$1.05mfor six Richmond Shire Council projects including converting the existing town library into a gym, and creating a new library, art museum, Centrelink access point and telehealth facility in the council works adminbuilding

•$1.11mfor a Flinders Shire Council flood mitigation project stabilising the Flinders River bank

•$1.71m for five Carpentaria Shire Council projects including a $600,000 upgrade to the council’s barramundi hatchery and $600,000 for lighting installation at key sporting facilities

•$1.19 million for eight Burke Shire Council projects including a $700,000 project to upgrade water treatment plants in Gregory and Burketown

•$1.46mfor a Doomadgee Aboriginal Shire Council project to redevelop the existing mechanical works depot including a light vehicle repair and maintenance facility

•$1.41mfor Mornington Shire Council including renovating and extending the council store and upgrading ageing council staff housing

•$1.02mfor six Diamantina Shire Council projects including reforming a total of 26 kilometres of roads with floodway repairs, and a 4 kilometre gravel resheet of the of the Diamantina Lakes to Winton boundary road

For more information visit:梧桐夜网dilgp.qld.gov419论坛/work

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Talent quest in memory of Reg

Reg Lindsay (right) with Col Joye on the Reg Lindsay Country Homestead Show in Brisbane in the late 1970s. Picture supplied by Ros Lindsay.Budding country music singers have the chance to win some excellent prizes at theReg Lindsay Memorial Talent Quest.
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The talent quest –held in honour of the late country music legend who called Cessnock home –is onat East Cessnock Bowling Club onMarch 4 and5.

Starting each day at 9am,Mo Award-winning show band Roadhouse willperform andprovidebacking music for contestants.

Sections include 10-years and under, youth (11-16 years), 17 yearsand over,gospel, duo-group, comedy song, original country song and country instrumental.

Each section has trophies for first andsecond place, and with each first-placed performer will then be eligible for the grand final, in which they will need to perform a different song for the judges.

Grand finalists will have shot at the major prize of a two-track CD recording at Sound Lab Studios Tumbi Umbi (with the expertise of Roy Cooper), a fully-produced CD plus 500 copies for promotional use.

The major prize is valued at $3000, courtesyof East Cessnock Bowling Club.

Reg Lindsay’s widow Ros says the talent questwill be sure to uncover some wonderful talent from all over the country.

“Via his two television shows – Reg Lindsay’s Country andWestern Hour from the Channel 9 studio in Adelaide and Reg Lindsay Country Homestead from Channel 9 in Brisbane –he presentedsome of Australia’s best new talent who are still in the entertainment industryto this day,” she said.

Entry fee per section is $10. Entry forms can be obtained from the club on 49901 444 or online at 梧桐夜网reglindsay南京夜网419论坛.

Mrs Lindsay said ahuge weekend is planned with top entertainment plus the chance to see the next big country star.

“There will be a lucky door prize plus the very popular hatraffle!” she said.

Entry for general public is $5 adults, $3 children andpensioners, and free entry for childrenunder 10.

The talent quest will be held almost two years to the day since the bronze statue of Reg Lindsay was unveiled at East Cessnock Bowling Club.

Take a look back at photos from the unveiling ceremony in the gallery below.

Talent quest in memory of Reg Reg Lindsay bronze statue unveiling at East Cessnock Bowling Club – March 8, 2015. Sculptor Tessa Wallis, Reg Lindsay’s widow Ros and country music legends Chad Morgan and Adam Harvey, who did the unveiling. Photo by Krystal Sellars, The Advertiser.

Reg Lindsay bronze statue unveiling at East Cessnock Bowling Club – March 8, 2015. Brad Pickford playing the bagpipes. Photo by Krystal Sellars, The Advertiser.

Reg Lindsay bronze statue unveiling at East Cessnock Bowling Club – March 8, 2015. Country music star Adam Harvey. Photo by Krystal Sellars, The Advertiser.

Reg Lindsay bronze statue unveiling at East Cessnock Bowling Club – March 8, 2015. Michael Pincott, performing the song about Reg that he wrote with Beryl Imhoff. Photo by Krystal Sellars, The Advertiser.

Reg Lindsay bronze statue unveiling at East Cessnock Bowling Club – March 8, 2015. Geoff Mack and Tabbi Francis made the trip from Mount Kuring-Gai. Photo by Krystal Sellars, The Advertiser.

Reg Lindsay bronze statue unveiling at East Cessnock Bowling Club – March 8, 2015. Aviarna, Corrinne and Tyarn Johnston. Photo by Krystal Sellars, The Advertiser.

Reg Lindsay bronze statue unveiling at East Cessnock Bowling Club – March 8, 2015. The plaque that accompanies the bronze statue. Photo by Krystal Sellars, The Advertiser.

Reg Lindsay bronze statue unveiling at East Cessnock Bowling Club – March 8, 2015. Ros Lindsay and David Baxter, who helped Ros re-release many of Reg’s albums. Photo by Krystal Sellars, The Advertiser.

Reg Lindsay bronze statue unveiling at East Cessnock Bowling Club – March 8, 2015. Adam Harvey performed at the club after the ceremony. Photo by Krystal Sellars, The Advertiser.

Reg Lindsay bronze statue unveiling at East Cessnock Bowling Club – March 8, 2015. Fred and Cheryl Vernon. Photo by Krystal Sellars, The Advertiser.

Reg Lindsay bronze statue unveiling at East Cessnock Bowling Club – March 8, 2015. The Lochinvar Music Club. Photo by Krystal Sellars, The Advertiser.

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Sutherland Shire Council’s search for lost debutantes

Worthy cause: Participants in last year’s Sutherland Mayoral Debutante Ball which raised more than $14,000 Sutherland Shire charity Dandelion Support Network.Time is running in the search for young men and women to take part in the upcoming 2017 Mayoral Debutante Charity Ball which will be held Saturday, June 3 at Sutherland Entertainment Centre.
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The Mayoral Debutante Charity Ball is a long standing tradition in the Shire and 2017 is the 41st year Sutherland Shire Council has hosted a Ball at Sutherland Entertainment Centre.

Each year a community charity is supported through the Debutante Ball.

Last year over $14,000 was raised for Sutherland Shire charity ‘Dandelion Support Network’, an organisation run entirely by volunteers who accept, sort and check donated nursery items for babies and kids.

“The Mayoral Debutante Ball is about our young people taking a step into the spotlight and learning to be independent members of the community by giving back to a worthy Shire charity,” Sutherland Shire mayor Pesce said.

The event is suited to young people who like dancing, dressing up and dong their bit for a worthy local charity.

An evening of fine dining and live music follows the presentation of the Debutante couples, who will also receive professional dancing lessons from an accredited instructor in the months leading up to the big night.

Any young person completing Year 11 or 12 either from a school in Sutherland Shire, or who lives in the Shire is eligible to take part.

For more information, contact the Event Coordinator Louisa Mawer on 9710 0554 or at lmawer.nsw.gov419论坛.

Corporate sponsorship packages are also available for the Mayoral Debutante Charity Ball. If businesseswould like to support this important community event, call 9710 0554.

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